About The Site

CALNVAK has been around since 2005, but has recently been re-launched as a much larger, but much easier to manage fansite. CALNVAK has always been based on a missing entity... Tffanie Shaw, the founder, would go to webstes, looking for more information on her favorite authors and find it was severely lacking on content about anything other than the newest stories. Sites that acted as an archive, to allow fans of a certain genre to find things of their interest always had only small tidbits of information and, the worst, they did not have active reviewers or allow fans to comment with their thoughts. It was simply a line or two about the media, much like a press release, and nothing more. There was also a lack of content control. Young adult material was mixed with novels that were meant for adults only. A junior high student could get a recommendation that was far outside their age group, leading to distrust of the site making the suggestions.
Tiffanie Shaw decided it was time to realize how many fans of fantasy, of horror, of the supernatural were out there, and give them an invaluable resource and a place to connect, safely, and enjoy a common interest with the ability to not only suggest content, but to contribute to it as well. Members are encouraged to join the forum and post in the sections about books and other media they enjoy, and suggest new content! Those who post helpful reviews can win icons on the forum, and even positions here as staff.
As fans of the site have provided us with suggestions in the forum, and as Tiffanie Shaw, the founder of this website, has researched and read based on those suggestions, the site has grown from a green fledgling, into a massive count! As the site grows, we will add staff to post reviews, as well as provide general information, but this website will always remain as it began, and as it always will be: A place for people who truly love the romance and mystery of everything involved in this world of darkness.

We are a fansite as well as a fan club, allowing you to interact with other fans and gain new reading material. There is a forum were all members are free to join and review their favorite stories, shows, movies, comics and more. This site is your one-stop-spot for all things that bite and fly in the night sky, as our dedicated staff will keep frequent updates on all the authors here, announcing when new releases are coming out, when signings and autograph sessions are happening (and where), as well as providing an outlet for fans to share their own work, their fanwork (such as fanart and fanfiction), and even make purchases.

This website is a hate free website. We do not support hateful comments or negative opinions about the authors we feature, this is to be a safe haven for those who want to share their love of their favorite stories and their own work without having to deal with the people who disagree, so rest your weary wings and settle in with a good book, because you are now home. Don't be too afraid to turn off the light...